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I thought only I had fucked up dreams like that. I had this dream two weeks ago. Man, I still remember it. I was at my old school (a private school) with this kid Marshall (a total bible freak who condemns things he has never done). We had to go to this storage shed and get stuff for the school. So we are like driving around, trying to find this shed. On the way there, I look up and see this plane. The sky is a sort of darkish grey. The plane starts glowing brilliantly as it passes through the suns rays. Then the glow gets brighter. At first I think its just because of the sun, but then I realize the plane has exploded. People are falling to the ground, screaming, dying, lighting on fire. I watch the plane fall to the ground, and for some reason, I am at peace. I feel melancholy. Almost happy. We go to this shed, and start loading stuff into Marshalls truck. Then I notice all these people around us. Someone calls Marshall on his walkie-talkie and tells us there is an emergency at this hotel, and we have to go pick this kid up right away.

So we go to this hotel, but it's motherfuckigng huge. There is school and apartment complex attached to it. We go into the apartment place and start looking for this kid. Then there are all these people around us again. They just keep appearing and disappearing. Among them are some of my friends, and strangely enough, my girlfriend. We all go up this weird ass elevator and walk into this room. We search for a while, and finally find this kid. So we go back down the weird ass elevator and start to leave. Then it happens. Pinhead is there. (From hell-raiser) He points at me and says, "You are coming with me. The time has come." One of the guys with us screams, "HOLY FUCK RUN!!" So we are all running from this demon and all his demon co-hosts. We go into the hotel part, and find this huge swimming pool room. There is a long bridge across the pool. As we start to cross, we notice all the people are dead, except for like four or five. One of the living people in the pool is this girl, Ashley. She calls out to me to save her. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to save her from, because she isn't in trouble. I stop and jump in the pool to go after her. Everyone stops and says, "FIRUATH GET THE FUCK BACK HERE! FUCKING LEAVE HER!!" They all leave.

I get to Ashley, and she says, "I'm so glad you are here. My soul is dying. Stay with me for awhile." So I stay and sit with her in the water. We talk for awhile, and then she starts dying. I can literally see her life draining from her body. She dies, and then I leave. I find my friends out in this weird hallway. Pinhead is waiting for us. Suddenly, he transforms into this wicked clown thing. (kinda like penny-wise, but with an axe and AD&D style magic power) One of the guys rushes at him, screaming curses. The clown casts Melf's Acid Arrow at him, killing him almost instantly. We all run for our lives, back through the pool room. As we run across the bridge, Ashley's corpse reaches up and grabs my leg. She says, "DAMMNIT NO! I NEED YOU HERE WITH ME! IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU, NO ONE CAN!" She grabs my girlfriend and pulls her into the water, where she dies. I stand and cry for a moment, but I am pulled away by a friend of mine. We all get out of the building, and are running towards the edge of the parking lot, where there is a big cement wall. By the cement wall is the clown. He says, "If you leave the parking lot, I have no power over you. You will die here." I leap over the wall as he starts casting spells.

From the other side of the wall, I here my friends screaming in agony. I look at the wall, shrug, and walk away. I go to a mini-mart and buy a breakfast burrito. And that was the end. Fucked up dream, dude!

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Tristania is okay but I can only listen to "Beyond the Veil" (or "Behind the Veil"? I am too lazy to open my CD case and look) so many times, it just gets old a bit too fast.
In Norway, you got Mayhem, Burzum, and all the stuff Sarah or whoever said, I guess.

I had this dream I was in a snow-fucked forest and there was the park/playground in the middle of it and the sky was grey but light was coming from the north (but somehow, it was actually south, as if something had happened in the world in my dream to make everyone think north was actually south).
UH, anyways, I started trudging north and could see the sun setting on the horizon in brilliant, golden, orange, dusk-colors. Very brilliant and glorious and beautiful nothing, I had never seen anything like it. And below it, there was a gleaming ocean with icebergs and small mountainous glaciers and stuff in a lull in the water.
Yeah, so I kept going north (thinking it was south, even though it was north) and came to some kind of small town. All the houses were white, made of wood (most houses I see are made of concrete or some shit like that), kind old and humble like houses in the mid-west US, but these were different, felt different, like they were somewhere in Europe. I don't fucking know.

Supposedly, I was in "Norway" or some part of Scandinavia and the town seemed to slowly grow and there were different buildings not far where more people were and stuff.

Anyways, I went into one of the houses and there was some old couple living there and they had a cheap bed set up for me to rest in and I think I had a relative there staying there with me. I think we were there to explore and...this is odd, but I think work for Mortiis or some crap, or see some black metal band or something, or hang out. Strange!

So I was there with this bed with cheap cotton blankets that were a puke-gold color. The carpet was like a faded orange or something, it seemed to change with the glare of the light. The walls were white and clean but the place felt old, as if the floors underneath the carpet were old wooden planks and stuff.

THEN! This big fucking bug, like an orange-ish cockroach or some fucking thing, appeared and it had all these arms and seemed intelligent in some kind of way and it attacked us! It tried to inject us with some kind of thing that would poison us and maybe cocoon us or paralyze us for feeding or spawning later. EWWW! It was a nasty fuck about the size of a dog and it could attach to walls, spit poison, spin webs, and crap.

Anyways, everyone was like,"Here! Take this!" and they pull a fucking sword out from under the mattress of the bed and toss it over to me and we all start fighting it!
We finally fucking killed it but then other bug-monsters appeared big and small and it became a freaking damn battle and there was green and yellow blood juice and gunk everywhere and I'm pretty sure Mortiis was there (not in makeup, though) helping us wipe out these bastards. I guess this was what "Norway" or Scandinavia was like.

Okay, so then, after kicking some monster-bug ass, we went outside to go to "the gig" or whatever it was we wanted to do, walk around on the thin, frosted grass, go site-seeing or some crap, and go around the town for a bit and stuff, I think that's what we did, I'm sure.

I think I ended up wandering back into the forest.