These are some of the former bands covered by the former Dead and Gone records group.

Damage control

Damage Control are a straight edge hardcore band from Oslo. Rather than balk at their sound being compared to classic hardcore bands such as Chain Of Strength, Uniform Choice and Dag Nasty, Damage Control are proud of the comparison.

After the release of their debut 7"/MCD Can't Keep Us Down, two European and a US tour in February 2003 they dropped their debut album What It Takes on Livewire Records. In early 2005 we're doing a limited European pressing of the LP.

  • - vocals
  • - guitar
  • - guitar
  • - bass
  • - drums

Spitfire Down

These guys exploded out of Newcastle in early 2003 with a great first show in Durham with Count Me Out. They have since provided the north east scene with their own band to be proud of. Many, many road trips have followed and they have played with everyone and anyone up and down the country. With a sound that's a blend of Horror Show, Fearless Vampire Killers, Carry On and Creep DivisionSpitfire Down released the best demo of last year. Anthem-ic old school hardcore at it's best. The first real release, All I Ever Loved, eclipsed that.

  • Mike – vocals
  • Allen – bass
  • Sid – guitar
  • Dave - drums

Sadly Spitfire Down called it a day in 2004. New band from Mike, Allen and Dave is in the mix. Expect a demo sometime in early 2005. Sid currently plays bass in Break It Up.

The Last Chance

The Last Chance formed in Manchester, England in early 2002. The main aim being to start a sincere straight edge hardcore band. Drawing on experience from playing in bands such as Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon, In The Clear and Good Clean Fun, the band created a unique anthem-ic sound. In February 2003 they went into Premier Studios to record with Iain Wetherall the end result was 6 songs which reflect a love of traditional straight edge hardcore and a desire to create something new.

These tracks appeared on the self titled MCD and the 7” on AM Records. Countless shows and 4 tours later the band called it a day. Thankfully they decided to record there final four songs which ended up as the ‘Where We Stand 7” and play a great last show (photos here, here and here and a full video here).

The Last Chance was (at some time or other):

  • Ian Wiles - vocals
  • James Stocks - bass
  • Kev Walsh - guitar
  • Dave Olejnik - bass/guitar
  • Matt Ward - guitar
  • Shaun Gilchrist - drums