As I missed the band "Dead and Gone" on their first shows in Europe, I recently got the chance to interview vocalist Tim Lambesis by email. Check what he's got to say about their new record, shows in Europe, their label and more stuff! Make sure to also read the rest of our metal and rock site :-)

Hey, how are you? What are doing at the moment?

I’m doing well. We’re recording right now so I’m a little overworked doing 10-11 hour days 7 days a week. Our engineer Steve and I are producing it.

You've been to Europe lately and played only three shows outside of Great Britain... Will you come back to do some more shows in the old world?

We are looking at coming over in June with the release of the new CD. We would really like to play more countries and come back to play more places in Germany.

How went the whole tour?

I enjoyed the tour because I didn’t expect such a great response for our first overseas tour. The guys in Throwdown became good friends of our so we enjoyed hanging out with them as well.

Your album is now out for more than a year – are you still happy with what you created?

I like the songs but would like to mix it differently. I’m very happy with the outcome of “Frail Words Collapse“ but I’ve learned a lot since then. Our new record will be the right songs and the right recording.

I've read articles that categorized your music as everything from death metal to hardcore punk to Christian metal. Do you agree with any of those?

We don’t care about genres because good music is more important to us than classifications. If we had to classify our music I would say that the sound is more metal than anything else.

Are you happy with bands that preach on stage, regardless whether it is about politics, religion or being straight edge or about living vegan?

Most bands that preach come across unintelligent and without understanding, but I respect bands that sincerely want to present a new point of view. I want to help people change, but I understand that I also need to change. From a fans perspective, I think that one would be a fool if he or she changed religion, politics or lifestyle based on what a singer said in 30 seconds between songs.

How did you team up with Metal Blade after your split with American Tragedy? The songs for "Frail Words Collapse" were already written at this point I guess?!

Some of the songs were already written, but we only had a couple demos. We sent out our material to a number of labels and Metal Blade seemed to be the best fit. I still think that they were.

What were Brian's reactions like when you left Pluto?

He was very supportive. He actually gave us feedback on our press pack so that we could make it more professional. Our contract with Pluto was up, so there were no hard feelings.

Some time ago you said that the next album would be out somewhat around spring 2005... What will differ from "Frail Words Collapse" and when will it finally be released?

It looks like the release date will be early June. The songs feel more like songs this time around. There are actually better riffs as well, but they are arranged in such a way that makes them more memorable. We’ve grown as musicians so there are some more complexities too.

I guess you are now one of the big names in the so called metalcore genre... Are you happy to be labeled like this?

That is ok with us, but we also realize that "metalcore" is somewhat of a fad right now. We plan to outlive that. The music that we play is something that has more heart and musical integrity than something that is popular right now.

How did you personally started in music? Do any of you have any kinds of musical education?

I played bass in my first band but we soon realized that our singer was no good. I filled his shoes until we found someone better, but we never found anyone better. A few years later I started As I Lay Dying because I wanted to play music that I had written. I was tired of playing for other people who did not have the same work ethic.

If you have the opportunity to change something you did in your life or even make it un-happen, what would it be?

I wouldn't have learned the same life's lessons if I changed things, but it would have been easier if I was born knowing that love is not infatuation.

OK, that's all for now, any last words?

Look for the CD we are currently recording to be released in early June. Thank you!