I've been looking to write a full post about the band Jezebeldeva. Since I've covered other heavy metal and rock bands, I think it's important to also keep an eye on those bands that have been relevant in our scene. I'm researching the full details of Jezebeldeva to provide a decent article on them.

One thing though that I'd like to mention is how many of the metal bands as well as rock bands and goth bands are so short lived. I blame it all on money and how this industry is engined by money, even in the darker underground scenes. You either have to remain loyal to your fans as Jezebeldeva so awesomely did or you have to give up your fans and go after the money trail in the commercial scene. The problem with bands like Jezebeldeva is that money dries up sooner or later when you're sticking with your hardcore fan base. You can do like Slipknot and try to balance both your hardcore fans and the road to commercial success, but I think many hard metal-heads would agree with me that Slipknot pretty much screwed up this balance at some later point.

Anyway I'm just mentioning this as the dis-banding of a heavy metal band is something we've seen so many times. I personally do also understand that these things happen, but it's always a shame when you see great bands like Jezebeldeva go down.

I will update this article on more details as I continue my research on Jezebeldeva.